How we can help?

From site work to custom brick and stone masonry, Gardeny can install your project with its own talented artisans and quality landscaping equipment. Using our extensive knowledge of soils, plants, landscape materials, and construction techniques, we are well qualified for any size project. We employ all our resources to achieve the best possible results, no matter the scale.

Our distinctive water features will introduce sound and motion into your landscape experience.The element of water will release your stress and introduce you to the essence of nature herself. No two water gardens are alike, yet most are similar. Constructed of quality components and natural materials, our water features compliment any setting.

Gardeny plants and trees are grown at our own NC Certified Nursery in Durham. Our NC Certified Plant Professional and staff horticulturist have collaborated to create one of the best nursery resources in the Triangle. We offer Landscape Investment Plants and Trees that will return dividends in growth, beauty, and value throughout the life of your landscape.

10/21に、GREEN COMMONS #5「補植の考え方と球根植物について」が開講されました。 今回は、普段講師を務めている藤田が出張中のため、伊藤が講師を務めました。 【GREEN COMMONSサポーター募集】 東遊園地内のボランティアガーデンのお世話をしたい!というサポーターも募集しています。 ご関心ある方は、ぜひご連絡ください。 ■申込・問合せ ①名前②電話番号③アドレスをご記入の上、メール(にてご連絡ください。